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Dr. Michael Ebner

Dr. Michael Ebner is also a Palmer Alumni. Dr. Michael has extensive training in Radiology being recognized for his efforts, due to studying and assisting Palmer Clinical Practitioners as a Radiology Assistant. Dr. Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude and was one of the top students of his graduating class at Palmer. He has years of clinical expertise in the field of Soft Tissue Injuries and continues to share his extensive knowledge of Radiography with all our practitioners. Dr. Michael possesses a license to practice in many other states including Virginia, South Carolina, New York and North Carolina. He is one of the leading experts for testifying about Soft Tissue Injuries. He has shown his expertise by educating many patients, with regards to the damaging effects of whiplash and soft tissue complications. Dr. Michael has treated thousands of patients over the years and gaining extensive knowledge in the Bio-Mechanics of Spinal Trauma.

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