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The VA Now Covers Chiropractic

In order to get a referral call Health Net, who operates the program and ask them for a referral to Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic.

Hi, I’m Dr. Nelson, the VA is certainly a busy place these days, Chiropractic is readily available for you.  It is now covered under the VA referral program. 

Call  1-866-606-8198,  That’s 1- 866- 606- 8198.  Tell them, you’d like to try chiropractic, you’d like to be referred to Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic Centers.

Chiropractic care includes, light gentle techniques, massage, cold laser, muscle stimulation, hot fomentation, cryotherapy, Hydro massage, intersegmental traction, and flexion-distraction.  All very effective forms of care and all without the use of pain pills, medications, side effects or addiction.

The only addiction here will be to feeling better.   For your VA referral call Health Net at 1-8668-606-8198. 

Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic Centers., Working Overtime To Make A Difference In Our Community!   We love our Veterans.  Welcome!