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ArthroStim Adjusting

ArthroStim Adjusting

With any chiropractic adjustment, specific movements and pressures are made in order to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. When this happens, neural receptors are stimulated, which help produce the nerve impulses that provide information to the brain regarding healing.
ArthroStim works the same way as any other manual chiropractic adjustment, but without the manual pressure. It delivers 12-14 incremental thrusts per second to the affected area of the body. These “thrusts” are rapid successive inputs; therefore, the pressure is only mildly felt by the patient. In fact, many patients report the sensation as being quite comfortable.

Due to the repetitiveness of this instrument, the neurologic feedback of receptors is constant and ongoing throughout the treatment, allowing for an effective result of pain relief and healing.

An important feature of ArthroStim is its ability for pressure adjustment. Your physiotherapist will be able to manage the amount of force that the thrusts provide, based on the nature of your condition and the amount of pressure that is needed. This allows ArthroStim to effectively treat a wide range of different conditions.

There are many patients that can benefit from ArthroStim treatments, based on the diverse, gentle, and universal nature of the instrument. Some of the patients that commonly find success with ArthroStim treatments include:

– Patients who are nervous or unwilling to undergo manual chiropractic treatments.
– People who find discomfort or uneasiness with being “cracked.”
– Patients suffering from acute pain.
– Patients with lower pain tolerances.

If you fall into any of these categories, or if you simply think you could be a strong candidate for ArthroStim treatments and you’d like to learn more, contact our Nelson & Nelson Chiropractic Center in Sanford today to schedule a consultation.