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“Working Overtime To Make a Difference In Our Community”

Dr. Tyler Nelson and Garry Nelson have been continually active in our area since first opening. They have provided sponsorships for hundreds of local charities, organizations, athletic teams, churches, schools, and fundraisers. Nelson and Nelson have never forgotten the most important aspect of their practice…People First! They are in regular attendance of sponsored charity events, including most weekends, along with operating six clinics. These events are where the doctors and staff donate time, money, and energy in order to make local cities and towns better places to live. The Nelson Brothers’ constantly work overtime weekly in educating the public about Chiropractic Care, bringing broad awareness to their sponsored charity organizations. Listen closely to radio broadcasts in order to catch them at various events. See you there!


Nelson and Nelson have been actively involved for 20 years, dedicated to local service that makes differences. For this cause, the Nelson Brothers’ dedicate thousands of hours to schools, churches, community centers and numerous organization annually. Their dedication has pushed them to the forefront of active community partnerships.

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Tune in to “Tuesdays with Dr. T”, WIDU Channel 1140 am, weekly for Nelson and Nelson charity events, community awareness, Chiropractic Care, and overall Hometown Pride! This show is dedicated to our people coming together as a family to make differences in surrounding areas and the forthcoming future of our community.

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Nelson and Nelson is enthusiastically involved in Community Sports, including Sport Broadcasts. The Nelson Brothers’ have presented Golf Tournaments, NFL Camps for Children, High School Showcases (i.e Game of the Week), and Friday Night Football.


Nelson and Nelson is constantly serving six locations, three counties, and nearly ninety miles of Southeastern North Carolina. The Nelson Brothers’ are Partners in Education with fourteen surrounding High Schools including South Robeson, Southern Lee and Overhills.

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Check us out on Time Warner Cable for more information on our upcoming Community Events. Just go to On Demand/Nelson and Nelson, Channel 1083 and make plans to meet us there!

No Time Warner Access at the moment? Check out our Community Calendar on Facebook and Twitter to view upcoming events.

Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic Centers….”Working Overtime To Make A Difference In Our Community

Upcoming Events

– October Heart Walk

– Rodeo at The Crown Coliseum

– WIDU Gospel Show

– 500 Thanksgiving Turkey giveaways in November for the less fortunate and homeless with participating WCCG 104.5, one of our Community Radio Stations.

– 500 Christmas Ham giveaways in December for the less fortunate and homeless with participating Cumulus Broadcasting.


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