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Nelson and Nelson – Fayetteville Observer Readers voted #1 Choice in Chiropractic

Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic Thanks Fayetteville Observer Readers for voting us your #1 Choice in Chiropractic. For nearly 20 years Nelson and Nelson has served the Greater Cape Fear Valley Region.


Proud sponsors of thousands of families, organizations, churches, sporting teams, schools, volunteer programs, fund raisers, etc.

It is more than just saying “We Care For You”, it is about community involvement and a sincere interest in making a difference in our community. Chiropractic Care is an effective, affordable, non-prescription, no invasive form of treatment -that helps to alleviate joint dysfunction, limited joint motion and help to assist you in living a healthier life, via a healthier lifestyle.

Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Chiropractic a secure way of maintaining your health.

Come and learn about Chiropractic, make an appointment today.

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“Working Overtime To Make A Difference In Our Community”