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North Carolina Chiropactors sue Managed Care called HNS

Sykes et al v. Health Network Solutions Inc. et al, 13 CVS 2595
This web page is provided by Oak City Law LLP to be a reference for Chiropractors interested in the proposed North Carolina class action against Health Network Solutions Inc.
All BCBS policy holders and most of any NC health insurer that offers chiropractic benefits are micro-managed by a Company called, HNS formerly CNC. This company is owned and operated by N.C. Chiropractors. Unfortunately, most plans that are offered by BCBS cover sufficient and adequate chiropractic benefits, however- HNS manages these plans and for years dictated how often doctors could see their patients. Too often, doctors were told that they had to maintain a certain “visit average” in order to see chiropractic patients.

As you can imagine, it was the feelings of many chiropractors, that dictating “visit averages” and “service per patient” averages, were no reasons for companies like HNS to dictate care to our patients.

A group of chiropractors have filed a law suit alleging that this company worked as a “cartel” in North Carolina, lowering the cost to BCBS for chiropractic care, minimizing the visits allowed to patient, even though their own policies may have covered 20,30,40 chiropractic visits per year.
Nelson and Nelson believe that Doctors make decisions based on clinical needs, and not costs to Insurance Carriers. Chiropractic remains the most affordable, effective and efficient form of care, without the use of drugs or surgery available to patients. We believe companies like BCBS should INCREASE the visits and INCREASE the allowables for our care, as to help LOWER the costs of expensive neck and back surgeries, medications and hospital stays. Someday, maybe such companies will understand the value of MORE chiropractic and not less. We will continue to monitor this important law suit against HNS, Health Network Solutions out of Greensboro, N.C. We believe patients are best served when they can utilize their BCBS Benefits or any Insurer Benefits directly, and as they are deemed necessary by their doctor.

To view the entire complaint from these Chiropractors against HNS click this download.
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