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NRS Therapy with CRYOFOS unlocks the body’s innate capacity to overcome pain and heal itself.  We are proud to offer this innovatibe new therapy in our Sanford clinic.

Neuro Reflex Stimulation (NRS) uses hyperbaric medical CO2 gas to apply gentle pressure while delivering intense cold therapy. Drastic and abrupt reduction in the surface temperature of the skin causes a “Thermal Shock” that, when combined with the pressure from the gas, produces a variety of beneficial physiological effects using the body’s own resources to combat pain and promote healing.

CRYOFOS NRS Therapy delivers intense cold therapy using medical CO2 gas. From its pressurized, liquid state in the cylinder, the gas emerges from the nozzle of the treatment gun as a fine spray hitting the skin at a temperature of -78° C and cooling the treated area to between 2° C and 4° C in under 30 seconds. This abrupt and drastic temperature change, called a Thermal Shock, triggers a neuro-reflexive response in the body.

The stream of gas from the CRYOFOS treatment gun also applies up to 2 bars of pressure to the treatment area. The combination of this pressure and the Thermal Shock is the key to NRS Therapy.

The key to NRS Therapy is the treatment of pain through the COMBINED effects of extreme cooling AND pressure. The pressure component of NRS Therapy allows for the treatment of pain via two pathways to the Thalamus.

Lateral Spinothalamic Tract (Pain & Temperature)
Ventral Spinothalamic Tract (Touch & Pressure)

Treatment should be delivered with smooth and constant motion across the treatment area. Prolonged, sustained treatment application to a single area will automatically trigger the CRYOFOS safety shut-off feature.

Watch these videos from the manufacturer to learn more and Contact our Sanford Office to schedule treatment with Dr. Garry Nelson