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Diowave 60wt Class IV Laser Therapy

At Nelson and Nelson Chiropractic, one of the most beneficial therapies we offer to alleviate and manage pain is high dosage laser therapy or Diowave Laser Therapy.

Diowave 60 watt Class IV Laser TherapyTreatments are performed by positioning the laser hand-piece approx. 1/2” directly above the skin and surrounding the area of injury and pain with the laser treatment beam. Biological effects are Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Pain (analgesic), Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth, Improved Vascular Activity.

In sharp contrast to “Cold Lasers” (LLLT or LOW Level Light Therapy) which provides no feeling or sensation, patients FEEL each DIOWAVE Deep Penetrating Laser Therapy treatment, as it works to provide laser light energy deep into the body to reach damaged cells and tissues. Results are typically faster than many other therapeutic modalities and patients often report signs of improvement after the first or second treatment.

Both acute and chronic injuries respond well to the DIOWAVE Deep Penetrating Laser Therapy treatment. Inflammation and swelling are quickly reduced to allow a greater range of motion in the affected area. This helps to regain activity and mobility while reducing scar tissue and adhesions which can slow recovery and healing. Sick and injured tissues are restored to optimal strength and vitality, providing greater functionality and preventing re-injury.

Diowave 60 watt Class IV Laser Therapy is great for treating;

  • Neck Pain: Cervical Strain/Sprain, Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain: Rotator Cuff Strain, Biceps Tendonitis
  • Elbow Pain: Tennis/ Golfer’s Elbow, Overuse/ Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Wrist Pain: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Mid Back Pain: Postural Strain/ Overuse
  • Hip Pain: Osteoarthritis, ITB Syndrome, Bursitis
  • Lower Back Pain: Mechancial LBP, Disc Bulge/ Herniation
  • Knee Pain: Osteoarthritis, Jumper’s Knee, Ligament/ Meniscal Injuries
  • Ankle Pain: Sprain/ Strain, Plantar Fascitis
  • Additional Conditions Treated
  • Nerve Pain
  • Neuropathy (Diabetes & Other Forms)
  • Non-healing Wounds
  • Pain & Healing Following Surgery
  • Trigger Points & Muscle Spasms

This therapy is available in our Sanford Office

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